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Diamond Chainsaw for Concrete Sewer Upgrade

Sewer improvements to cope with increased demand, the contracting division of Wessex Water had to cut a large diameter concrete pipe in the sewer upgrade program at their Cog Mill site near Bristol.

Several cuts had to be made to open up the pipeline where new intersections were being constructed to cope with the growing demand in the area. The issue was the thickness of the pipe, which was over the depth of cut a 12” disc cutter provides. As neatness and accuracy were high priorities to avoiding cracking the pipe, they looked to our chainsaws for the solution.

Wessex Water use our ‘PowerGrit’ chainsaws for cutting mains water pipe as part of their R & M program on the water supply side. However, they were unsure of the concrete cutting capabilities. 

After a demonstration and on-site training was conducted, all involved realised the benefits of using the chainsaw in this application.

Following the supply of the ICS 880F4 Hydraulic Chainsaw and the ICS P95 Power Pack, they have gone on to use this set up on all the intersection openings in the new Sewage Storage Tank that was constructed as part of the upgrade program. Martin Pascoe commented they were able to do all their own cutting, at a time to suit them and for less money than an outside contractor.

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